Its a Marathon, not a Sprint


Jump starting any book takes time, but at this point your book will have hundreds of reviews and sales will be picking up. Now's the time to step things up . . . and we do this by giving your book away for free in conjunction with a viral marketing campaign.


This may seem strange, but strategically it is an important step. Jump Start Publishing will commission artists to have your book's characters and locations drawn up. We will flood social media with blurbs, hyperlinks, concept art, and ensure that this publicity material is seen by millions of people. This process will drive huge volumes of internet traffic to the free download link where we provide all the technical help necessary to get your book on to their reader of choice.

The people who click are already intrigued by your book. Once they see your book's positive reviews and discover that it is free, they will want it. Why wouldn't they? Your book will be downloaded by the thousands.


It is here that the viral campaign then kicks in. We don't want to give our secrets away but through some modern marketing techniques we will vastly increase the percentage of people leaving reviews. Not only that, this army of new fans will also be spreading the word and encouraging their friends to read it for free too.


Finally we get to the best part, of the vast numbers of people reading your book, a large number will find themselves buying it. That's right, you're giving your book away for free and people will pay you for it AFTER they've read it thanks to the viral marketing techniques we use. Each of these purchases will contribute to your sales ranking, shooting you up the charts to find even more readers. Hopefully you can see how powerful these methods can be!

After this viral promotion, you will have made it far up the listings, friends will be telling friends to read the book and the after-sales will maintain a strong momentum for the weeks and months to come.