You may Live to Write, but wouldn't it be nice to Write to Live?


You've sweated blood and tears over your book. Jump Start Publishing has invested in the marketing campaign. Now comes the reward. The momentum your book has gathered will keep growing. As it grows the royalties will increase.


At this point you will have two types of readers, those that read the book for free and spread the word to new readers, and those that buy the book and leave reviews. This hybrid system ensures the book keeps on marketing itself, finding more and more readers whilst at the same time a steady stream of income comes in!


The hard work has been done. You have hundreds and hundreds of reviews and every time we see a significant dip in the sales we will simply launch another marketing campaign regenerating interest and kick starting the viral spread of your book again. We keep repeating this cycle over and over, getting sales month after month, until the market is utterly saturated.


The Sequel . . .


When that time comes you'll have your next book ready to go. We can start the whole process again only this time we will have a massive fan base and a list of eager reviewers already waiting in the wings. During the previous campaign we will have collected thousands of email addresses of fans of your work. The launch process will be much faster than before and you will go screaming up the charts!


Consider also that new customers who read and love your latest book will search for your other work. Sales on your earlier books will come shooting back up, with no additional effort or investment, kick starting the viral campaign of every book you've written, every time you release a new novel! This is where the major money is made!


What if you want to go it alone? No problem. We understand that. After all, you will now have hundreds of great reviews, proof of sales, and enough of an evidenced fanbase that you can go and talk to some of the major publishers. Yours will not just be another book in a pile. You’ll be seen as a real investment! Just don't forget us when your sending out those book launch party invites . . .


What's in it for us?


Jump Start Publishing cannot guarantee that this model will work for every book. The vagaries of the market are too many and too complex for us to make any promises. However, we aren't asking for any money from you. All we want is to help you realise your potential. So, how do we make our money? From a percentage of your earnings. It's that simple. It is in our interest to make this model work. With that in mind we ask you to seriously consider two questions. Firstly, is it better to have all of nothing, or a large percentage of something? Secondly, what exactly have you got to lose?


Read the FAQs for an idea of our terms and we look forward to enjoying your book soon . . .