About Us

Jump Start Publishing was set up in September 2016. It was created after a recognition of the gaping chasm between authors writing their books and actually getting people to read them.

The idea for the company originated over a drink one evening with a group of friends. The topic turned to one friend pointing out he’d spent years creating his first novel and had recently self published it. His book was now proudly being listed on some of the major book selling sites, however he had no idea how to actually get people to read it.


Whilst discussing how he might go about getting his book out there we realised that between us we had decades of marketing and IT skills we could fully utilise to overcome his problem. Using state of the art IT techniques along with modern marketing strategies we knew we could get a good book that nobody had heard of to go viral.


The next morning after a few calls we decided to make a go of it and here we are. If you’re reading this then we’re doing something right!


Based in the United Kingdom we are an up and coming company that intends to take one author at a time and “Jump Start” them in to the limelight. Our ultimate aim is to get them fast tracked to the top pile in front of the major publishers.


We enjoy our privacy and work entirely online (so no pictures or addresses to spam us with I’m afraid). If we agree to give your book a jump start you’ll get to know us well... possibly over a drink...


If you'd like to get in touch with us for any reason then please use our contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.