The Catch 22


Since the advent of self publishing, millions of books have been uploaded onto the Internet. Some are good but unfortunately a lot aren't. Readers are unwilling to gamble anymore – they want to know that what they are buying is worth their time and money. Without peer reviews, it has become impossible for the discerning reader to separate the wheat from the chaff. For your book to get noticed on the big sales platforms, it will need a substantial number of positive peer reviews.


Nobody will read a book with no reviews, yet your book cannot garner reviews unless people read it.


It's a Catch 22. Plain and simple. So, the question you are asking is, 'how is Jump Start Publishing going to get me the reviews I need?'


Breaking the Circle


Before now it has been very difficult to get a new book to the people who need to read it. We have solved that conundrum. We want to engage the people who have already told us that your book is for them – even if they don't quite know it yet. We have numerous approaches but here's the core of how we do it . . .


Jump Start Publishing has access to a very large database of thousands of reviewers and bloggers across all book categories. We know which of these people have previously written reviews of books in your genre. They have openly provided their details for us to contact them, we know that they like your type of book, so we get in touch and offer them your book for free in exchange for an honest review.


Before we release your book we give this team a secure download link to an advanced reader copy (ARC) which they can load on to their electronic reader of choice. We provide full help and advice on how to do this for those that are less technically minded.

Once we have confirmed a large number of reviewers are ready we release your book and provide this ARC team a direct URL to post their honest reviews. This launches the book with a bang and will generate organic traffic. Those organic readers will post more reviews and in turn attract further sales. More sales drive your book further up the listings which attract more readers.

The more publicity that your book gets, the more reviews that come in, and so on and so forth. It's the internet's version of word of mouth, and it is an incredibly powerful tool if you can tap into it. With our resources, we can.


Of course, Jump Start Publishing cannot engineer positive reviews for your book. We will not create or fake positive reviews. We know how good your book is or we wouldn't have taken you on, we just need to get it read and the positive reviews will come organically.


While this cycle picks up its own natural momentum, we will continue to solicit people for reviews. Within a few months your book will have hundreds of authentic and honest reviews. People will know about it, and more importantly they will know that it is a credible book.


This may all sound very simple, but if you're reading this you already know it's not. The vast majority of readers do not leave reviews or tell their friends about the book they're reading. Although the system above gives us a major advantage and has the potential to work all by itself, to ensure success we kick the marketing in to turbo to make your book go viral!